The Alabama International Film Festival is committed to bringing the best new films to our audiences in Alabama and supporting the film industry in our state through presentation, promotion and direct assistance.

The Alabama International Film Festival in cooperation with TROY University’s College of Communication and Fine Arts will present the 2012 Alabama International Film Festival June 25-27th in Troy, Alabama and June 28-30 in Dothan, Alabama.

If your film has connections with Alabama, please contact the festival directly for more information.
Bradley Farris (Judge Team Leader) ; Caleb Dawson (Volunteer Coordinator) ; Charlotte Smith (Scheduling Director) ; Chris Shaffer (Dothan Liason) ; Ethan Watford (Submissions Director) ; James Chambliss (Artistic Director) ; Jason.Fox Johnson ; John Jinright (Chairman, Board of Directors) ; Kameron Williams  (Assistant); Ray Sargeant (Festival Director) Chase Taylor (Board of Directors),  Sara Dismukes (Board of Directors),  Greg Skaggs (Board of Directors).

1. Films that have played in Alabama in a theatrical setting to a public audience are generally not eligible to be screened at the Alabama International Film Festival. Exceptions to this rule include cast and crew screenings and films that are connected with public and private colleges and universities in Alabama. If you have questions, please contact the director via email at alafilm@alafilm.org.

2. Judges for special awards are randomly drawn from a volunteer pool from the previous year’s festival patrons and these names are not released publicly.

3. We prefer that all films be submitted on DVD NTSC (please test before sending).IMPORTANT – Films must be available for screening by June 4th. If we do not receive your film by that date, we reserve the right to cancel your invitation to screen at the festival.

4. If you wish your submission materials to be returned, please include the appropriate self-addressed container with correct postage.

5. Deadlines – Submission
Earlybird $20 Ends March 30th, 2012
Regular $25 Ends April 30th, 2012
Late $30 Ends May 21st, 2012
WAB Extended $40 June 4th, 2012
Student Submission $15 (no deadlines)

6. Person/persons submitting film must hold all necessary rights for the submission of the film, and all necessary clearances for public exhibition.

7. Submissions can be made online through Withoutabox.com or via post to our mailing address. Include your Withoutabox tracking number, if you have one.

8. If you do not use Withoutabox, payment must accompany your submission and entries must be received by our festival staff by the deadlines posted. We are not responsible for missed deadlines.

9. Selected films will be announced as they are screened/accepted.


Person/persons submitting film must hold all necessary rights for the submission of the film, and all necessary clearances for public exhibition.
Our festival is a family-friendly festival;  if your momma wouldn’t approve of your film, chances are that we won’t either.


Documentary is a broad category of non-fiction filmmaking based on the attempt to “document” reality.
Short Feature
Short features are generally 3 to 40 minutes in length and may be of any category/genre.
Your submission should be feature length (40+ minutes) and considered feature quality, in any genre except documentary.
Animated films may be of any length and genre, but movement and characters’ performances should be created using a frame-by-frame technique. Motion capture by itself is not an animation technique. Additionally, a significant number of the major characters must be animated, and animation must figure in at least 75% of the film’s runtime.
Alabama Films
Special showcase category for films that feature a connection with the State of Alabama (production, locale, personnel, story, etc.).

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